Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Moose Warning Signs

Dear Daytonian,

Standing over six feet tall and weighing an average 800 pounds, moose are a much bigger threat (literally) than any deer, dog or other animal you're likely to encounter while driving around Dayton.  Most deaths in collisions with animals occur when vehicles run off the road, so staying steady and keeping control is way more important than avoiding striking most animals.  Moose is one of my exceptions, since your car can hit their legs and their upper body can strike your windshield, which in some cases can result in an injured and upset moose in the front seat of your car with you.  So if you see a moose warning sign in your travels, take it seriously, but fortunately I've never seen one around here.

For a demonstration of just how big moose are, this YouTube video provides an closeup experience.

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