Wednesday, December 19, 2018

State Gas Taxes

Dear Daytonian,

If you're budgeting for your first long distance driving vacation, be aware that gas prices vary wildly, and a part of that is explained by each state's appetite for revenue.

It might come as a surprise, but our eastern neighbor, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has the highest state gas tax, clocking in at 58.7 cents per gallon, compared to our own 28.01 cents, which puts Ohio in 29th place.  After PA comes California (no surprise), Washington, Hawaii and New York.  Of our directly bordering states, only Kentucky is less than ours, and only by 2 cents a gallon.

The picture on the left below is from the last Speedway in Ohio on I-70 going eastbound (exit 186), where I always fill up before going into Pittsburgh, so I can avoid their sticker shock shown on the right picture, and save $10 on a fill up.  Not all of this is due to the state tax differential, but at least 30 cents is.  Check out the link below to see all 50 state's tax on gas.

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